Opportunities Missed


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japan-radiation-fukushima-nuclear-nukes-photo-001The aftermath of Fukushioma should have been a great opportunity for Japan to rebuild and pull together in the face of adversity however the Japanese people once again suffer at the hands of poor management and lack of responsibility. Big business fails to take responsibility for the bi-product of their unsafe technology and solutions are few and far between.

This has been a tragic glimpse of the future of our world should we embrace nuclear power anymore than we already have. Now is the time to demand safer technologies and support the real victims of this disaster the people of Japan. No one company or government can foot the bill for a disaster of this scale but they can all pull together and chip in to make things better. With a little good management and teamwork these companies could be leading the way right now to better solutions instead of hiding behind their bank balances and denying all responsibility.

Where is the new technology to clean up the mess, regenerate the land, heal the people???

Certainly not being provided by those who should now be standing up and doing so! I pray for those who have suffered and still suffer to teach the world the lesson that some toys are just too dangerous to play with. The future will hold even more challenges for those souls as they now deal with deformity, abuse and segregation just as the clean-up workers now do.  The long road to recovery is just beginning for Japan, yet for the rest of the world the warning is to be heeded and new safer technologies explored and utilized!

Demand the change we need to survive the 21st Century, embrace clean green technologies and give thanks for the opportunity that Japan has given the rest of the world to move forward in more sustainable ways.

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The Invisible War

The Invisible War.

I have been pondering the challenges we face as women and as a species in the exploration towards a world of peace and have realised how lucky I have been in my own journey. Yes I have experienced some of the horrible things that we as women endure but I have also found so many nice men who have treated me with respect and kindness.

So right now I would like to acknowledge those men.

The special men that we all meet every now and then. The man that says something with so much respect you actually notice it! The man who shows you kindness when you make the hugest mistake ever. The man who reminds you that you can do something if you try. The man who hugs you just because you are you.

I would like to say thank you to the man that taught me how to tie a knot while the others laughed at me because I couldn’t!

I would like to say thank you the young man that took the time to get to know me instead of just working beside me.

I would like to say thank you to the man that reminded me that people time is just as important as work! (lol hows that for role reversal)

the list could go on for hours – So one big THANK YOU  to all the men who have treated me with respect and kindness in my life’s journey. I send you all love and gratitude.

And one final thank you to Kozo for being a braveheart!

Shocked and Appalled


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Never ask for assistance from Virgin Airline attendants when boarding a plane!

Particularly if you are Imagedisabled – Do NOT ask for assistance when boarding a plane!

My sister suffers from a degenerative arthritis and is unable to lift anything higher than her own hips. While waiting for her to board the flight I made the mistake of asking for assistance for her to get her hand luggage on-board. I was shocked and appalled at the response we received. The attendant promptly weighed her bag and informed her it was 3 kilos overweight. She had to take 3 kilos out and carry it on-board in another bag. Even more appalling was the sight of my sister lugging all three bags down the corridor to the plane herself. Assistance what assistance. This is a disgrace and I cannot believe that people can be so inconsiderate and cruel. Virgin airlines has lost a customer today!

Charlie Chaplin Movie


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I saw this video on YouTube about a woman using a mobile phone in a 1928 black n white movie. I must say it was quite intriguing seeing her smiling and talking while she was walking through the set. As I read all about the web urban legend of the time traveling phone calls I had a thought or two about it myself. I was not quite convinced it was a hearing aid as I just didn’t feel she was talking to herself. I pondered a few things, googled a few things and then I discovered this!

Manufactured in 1928.

20130212-221523.jpg    Echophone Company

My thoughts on this story are – This is not a time traveler using a mobile phone and a wormhole (sadly) and it is not a crazy old lady talking to herself or trying out her hearing aid by deafening herself. This is a thoroughly modern woman using her latest toy to record her excitement at being an extra in a Charlie Chaplin Movie! A real blogger at heart lol! Hmmm is that Agatha Christie?

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Im Over It Lovie!


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20101208ran8484535_024 (Photo credit: Royal Australian Navy)

Sooo sick and tired of hearing the trash about others- one smear campaign after another hoping to find some mud that will stick.

 All I can say is:

Why is it that every successful female politician winds up with the same challenge in the end?

Why do we listen to the crap? Buy the newspapers that print it, turn on the stations that participate? Why do we just accept it as part of the system while our male politicians can lie, humiliate, dodge and manipulate and still be our best mate?

I for one am over it! For god sake get a grip YES we have a female Prime Minster. NO it is not the end of the world. NO she is not the devil. NO she is not going to ruin everything any more than any other Prime Minster has.  So for all our sakes. JUST DEAL WITH IT!

Dirty Politics


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It makes me sad to see so many go to so much effort to make someone else look bad.

If a politician can not win an election on the merit of his/her own skills how much trouble are we really in as a nation or a world. The pity of the misuse of the most powerful tool we have to educate, the media, is that those who know no better will believe the tripe they read and our world will continue to progress backwards…

Heads up people remember the truth is in the evidence of their policies and work output. So if you know a politician and have worked with them put the word out to others and tell us the truth about who they are I say!

Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia.

Fix the economy, destroy the polity: Australia since 1983 – The Drum Opinion – The Australian public and its formal political system have lost touch. What is to be done? Australian Broadcasting Corporation


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I read the article Fix the economy destroy the polity and thought to myself a voice of reason in the madness that is our political playing field. It would be nice if the government noticed how much the public is losing, struggling and fighting for the community lifestyle that is Australia at the moment.

I ponder how long it has been since I could afford to just hop in the car and head off for a weekend somewhere. How much my groceries cost me last time I did a real shop and just how do we embrace the new world when our technology is created by slaves and costs the earth.

It is interesting times politically and economically but socially it is tough times and time for the public to say so loudly!

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Fix the economy, destroy the polity: Australia since 1983 – The Drum Opinion – The Australian public and its formal political system have lost touch. What is to be done? Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

via Fix the economy, destroy the polity: Australia since 1983 – The Drum Opinion – The Australian public and its formal political system have lost touch. What is to be done? Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Election Hype!


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Second round of the French presidential electi...

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So much for democracy _ it is interesting observing the build up to the next election as some questionable big business groups put on the pressure to influence our vote by poignant sackings and relocation’s of their businesses to third world countries that have no defense against their questionable work ethics. Big business is seeking a government that supports their profits. When we really need governments that are brave and innovative to lead us into the new world of technology, communication and peace that is now raising from the ashes of the old earth destroying ways which have collapsed over the last couple of decades.  Think about the policy and the future for you and yours not the media hype when you place your vote. Then perhaps democracy will stand a chance after all!