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wonder-woman-4Went to see Wonder Woman last week and something has been nagging at me ever since. There was something about it that I just could not put my finger on. As I sat in conversation with a friend about the movie, if finally came to me. The thing that was right there nagging me was that this move was sexist, and anti hero. I know right, I am mad, a movie about a powerful woman, directed by a woman, should be a real treat right?

The opening scene had me puzzled, an armoured vehicle (money symbol) from Wayne enterprises (Rich Man Symbol) ok fair enough they are friends, I guess.  But isn’t this a Wonder Woman movie….  The next thing that niggled at me was her being disarmed in the city. I get the need for more suitable clothing, but what decent superhero allows their weapons to be left in the street with someone else… Who disarms an amazon princess…

As I sat and enjoyed the movie, yes I did enjoy it. It was a subtle subliminal feast that toyed with the mind and seemed to make a statement and then sabotage it. So as I sat enjoying the movie I was drawn into a journey that seems to portray a woman of power and integrity, I really loved the dig at the general’s hiding in their offices as their men died in the fields, we all know there is something wrong with that. A nice statement against war. Yet (Spoiler Alert) just when we see her succeed in saving the village, they are then all killed the following day…. The hero failed???  An epic fail, an entire village dead!!!  (Has this happened to any of the male superhero?? I am sure it has…)

As evil seemed to be intent on ruining my movie, I reminded myself this was just a movie, something that all children should be taught at school. The super fight between good and evil at the end was pretty predictable but cool just the same as the battle of the sexes was highlighted with the god and the goddess fighting for the survival of humanity. Yet that too almost seemed like it was giving us permission to continue to behave badly and fight on to gain more power. Although it was clarified later on that the battle is alway with the self. A nice reminder of personal responsibility thrown in at the end there almost like an afterthought.

I have decided this movie was a weird little flix with a mixed message, which I am sure is a deliberate ploy to trick the mind into submission in anticipation for the next movie, The final credit gave lots of glimpses into what else is come from the movie team and I am looking forward to learning more about this world of superheros that fail so epically all the time. (At least they better or my sexist theory will be proven correct sigh!).  

On a final note in the very last moments of the credits there is that weird video, you know the black and white tv screen with a man’s voice saying something like “Remember when we are in our darkest hour and times are dire we…. Did he say slaughter the innocent????  think I misheard that last bit, at least I hope I did. Good grief this movie has been a real treat….