What a great way to focus on bringing peace! It is so nice to see so many new peace focused sites apps, products and projects surfacing right now. Peace is truly on its way and I just can’t wait!

Peaceful People

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Now, it is Day 5 of the 64-day annual Season for NonViolence.  This is a time to celebrate everything that works to create peaceful interaction in a sustainable peace for the World.  Today’s theme is BELIEVING.  Today we are invited to believe that we can choose to be peaceful all day, internally, and in any interactions with others.  Truly, peace begins within.  Today, we are invited to believe that we can each make a difference with our small steps for nonviolence.

Here is AGNT’s Day 5 meditation:

DAY 5, Feb. 3: The thought for today is BELIEVING. Author, Wayne Dyer writes about the impact that our beliefs have on our daily lives.  Believe that you have all the resources you need to move your life in the direction of peace, happiness and nonviolence.  Believe that you can be peaceful all day. …

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