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20131112-124812.jpgPeople judging people all over the place… Burning witches, burning gay people, polluting our oceans, murdering our wildlife, corporations doing stingy business, governments cracking down on people and trying to be the ones with all the control!   Hmmm maybe a global media campaign like the one in the dark ages….  Oh Wait a Minute!

Nothing new is going on – this has always happened…  It the same old DIVIDE AND CONQUER MENTALITY we have always had! The same feeling of despair and vulnerability we have always experienced! WAIT!  So why do we care so much? Why are we so afraid? Why are we embracing the divide and not working together?  Could it be we are just all running away?  or Just trying to fit in at a time when change is happening so rapidly? Or could it be that we just don’t know how to work and live together without judging ourselves or others. So maybe that’s it we just  don’t know how to be at peace. Let’s think about what we do know!



My way and your way are different. You won’t do it my way even when I ask you nicely.  Hmmm Not much it seems ok.

When it comes down to it the only things we really know for sure are:

 We feel everything

 We are not alone

 Everybody is different


If there is a god the we are all created. If there is no god then we all came from each other.

Either way common ground is evident.


If a government is in control they set boundaries. When we set our own rules and make our own choices we set boundaries.

 Again common ground


People make choices.  We choose our jobs, our friends, our products, our lifestyles.  We all want to be free to do so. So your choice is no better or worse than my choice just different.

Common ground!


The solution to the madness that reigns in our world right now…

Healthy boundaries

Walk the path of common ground

  Respect and Tolerance

Treat others the way you want to be treated

As you are the one that will feel it

You are the one who will be living with it

And you DO participate in it by making your choices!