I was recently pondering my own stupidity over some of my past choices and of course the stupidity of people in general arose. With the state of our world right now and the dumb choices our governments seem to be making one cannot help but wonder what greater purpose stupidity has. As usual when i finally started to listen once again to my inner guidance an answer arose. If humanity was not so stupid where would we wind up. Imagine a world where people were sensible. Less accidents no war perhaps we would even take the time to nurture ourselves and appreciate the beauty and abundance of the world around us. Of course there would be more of us as we would be sensible enough to avoid the things that kill us. We would probably have to establish colonies all over the universe. Most likely we would have less stars in the sky as we would only mine out the ones too small for colonization and all the space litter like asteroids and such. All that sensible breeding colonizing and perfecting and we would be the dominant species in the universe in no time at all. Think of all the sensible decisions we would have to make like which food stuffs would be the most appropriate, to grow it or create it, which is the best solution to our overpopulation problems immortally or safe sex… The mind boggles at the thought of an ever sensible race of beings making the hard choices for the greater good of all. So as I settle down a little and realize that our stupidity enables the universe to keep its balance and keeps humanity in its place I am naturally led to next thought to ponder. If we really are the children of the gods and we do gain more power and responsibility as we evolve do we also become more stupid?