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Tree (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It seems that the warnings have fallen on “Deaf Ears” and our tree population is continuing to fall. Our climate is constantly being talked about but no action taken to make real changes stick therefore perhaps it is time to go back to the beginning of this whole story. Perhaps it is time for us to start doing the only thing that we the ones nobody is listening to, can do and plant a tree and a seed for conservation with our children.


Take the time to plant a tree in your yard with your children tell them the story of how amazing it is to stand under the same tree that your great grandfather climbed in his youth and perhaps even encourage them to place a plaque beside their own tree saying I climbed this tree on this date at this age! If we all make a stand and plant one big tree and few fruit trees in our own yards the whole suburb will benefit, the air quality will improve and the lungs of our planet will survive the onslaught of the 21st Century. If you haven’t got a yard plant a garden on the roof of your apartment block or place a garden on your balcony. Every little bit helps and the more groves we have the better things will be for us all. If you are lucky and have a few hectares of land plant your very own forest and let it be your gift to future generations.


Sometimes the only thing we can do is our little bit. If we all do our little bit it turns into a big bit it won’t stop the greedy business communities ruling our world today but it will plant the seeds for decent caring business owners of the future who may even choose to create even better alternatives than we can currently imagine and bring true change to a world in need of respect and tolerance.