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Lamb_Loin_Chops_smlwill our rent be cheaper if we change our government
will our petrol be cheaper if we change our government
will our food cost less if we change our government


So who cares if our Government changes The people who charge us way too much money for our food petrol and accommodation….
I see a growing divide in Australia it makes me sad to think that we will be where America is now just because of greedy business tatics. I hope I am wrong. 😪

I hope the Australian people find a way to live without paying an arm and a leg for our lifestyle I think its time we started innovating to find ways to cut our living expenses I for one am looking for some new ways of living. I eat less food, organic and fresh. I walk places instead of driving if I can and I visit friends or walk in nature instead of shopping dining or movies every weekend like I used to.

Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)