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We can all see trouble brewing in the Korea regions and I for one am sick of governments ignoring their people and making their people suffer for their own ineptitude. I think it is time to stand up and say no.

This is what Korea has in store for its own people.


This is what Korea has in store for its own cities


This is what Korea is threatening for others. How do you think both regions of Korea would respond if the people not the governments but the people of the rest of the world stood up and demanded that they used better solutions to their issues. Their wars can and will damage our planet this time the toys are too big!

If we stand up and say NO if we stand up and tell them to stop killing their own just to prove a point.

The real reason for war is what money, greed, stupidity. I ask the Korean people to take control of their leaders. Demand they step down or they change their polices. Demand their respect now before you wind up like the people in Japan and the Ukraine suffering deformities, poverty and grief. Know that the rest of the world will stand up with you if you do! Do it now SAY NO to Kim Jong-Un!

Support the call for peace that is coming from the people of Korea join their voice and say SAY NO to Kim Jong-Un!