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I have had time to ponder and reflect on the program the Block which has just finished on Channel 9. I love watching renovating programs and seeing the transformations that take place, however this time it was the most stressful television experience I have had in years. The amount of rushing and stressing that these people did I would not be surprised if one of the houses fell down lol…

The Block All Stars

It was nice to see them get some financial reward at the end. It was also interesting to see some of the contestants squirm and struggle with their own conscience surrounding their decision to use dirty tactics to win. It is funny how under pressure we will do things that we would not normally consider doing. You could see this was the case for at least three of the four contestants… Lead astray by someone a little stronger and more focused on winning than thinking. Once the deed was done the emotional responses kicked in and squirm they did.

It is also interesting to note that in essence they knew it was wrong, and how they felt afterwards proved it. Perhaps if we learn to acknowledge how we feel about things before we act on them we would all feel a little less stressed and whole lot happier.

Will I watch the next one – probably not. I am stressed enough already lol!!!