JesusI was door knocked yesterday by the good old Jehovah’s Witnesses and as usual nodded politely for a few minutes accepted their propaganda literature and learned that they door knock because that is just what Jesus did. I smiled at that thought and then started to ponder poor old Jesus dying on the cross for everyone’s sins.

Then i had a thought, I was thinking about the symbolism used on their flyer and the role Jesus has in the lives of so many. When really true or not the role is one that we all aspire to, standing up to that which is wrong or unjust and following what we feel is right on the inside. It seems that Jesus really is the son of god and so too are the rest of us.

JesusCruzPerhaps more disturbing is the message his imagery sends, that to do so leads to death and to conform is rewarded with eternal bliss… I pondered some more and decided that there is no role model here just a warning … a warning to all, to suffer in silence and obey.

Then I had another thought, perhaps the real message is stand together or fall. You can all work together and win or you can betray your true feelings and leave someone else to take the fall…. hmmm so many analogies in one little story.

Maybe the truth is Jesus was just another person, like the many others that have died in an attempt to defy large corporations and political systems to find his place in a world to busy to take notice of its own.

Perhaps it is time for humanity to accept that we have feelings that define what is right and what is wrong and when we learn to honor them we walk in peace. I for one have found more comfort from others than from religion and I believe community is the only solution to the challenges we face.