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japan-radiation-fukushima-nuclear-nukes-photo-001The aftermath of Fukushioma should have been a great opportunity for Japan to rebuild and pull together in the face of adversity however the Japanese people once again suffer at the hands of poor management and lack of responsibility. Big business fails to take responsibility for the bi-product of their unsafe technology and solutions are few and far between.

This has been a tragic glimpse of the future of our world should we embrace nuclear power anymore than we already have. Now is the time to demand safer technologies and support the real victims of this disaster the people of Japan. No one company or government can foot the bill for a disaster of this scale but they can all pull together and chip in to make things better. With a little good management and teamwork these companies could be leading the way right now to better solutions instead of hiding behind their bank balances and denying all responsibility.

Where is the new technology to clean up the mess, regenerate the land, heal the people???

Certainly not being provided by those who should now be standing up and doing so! I pray for those who have suffered and still suffer to teach the world the lesson that some toys are just too dangerous to play with. The future will hold even more challenges for those souls as they now deal with deformity, abuse and segregation just as the clean-up workers now do.  The long road to recovery is just beginning for Japan, yet for the rest of the world the warning is to be heeded and new safer technologies explored and utilized!

Demand the change we need to survive the 21st Century, embrace clean green technologies and give thanks for the opportunity that Japan has given the rest of the world to move forward in more sustainable ways.

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