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Never ask for assistance from Virgin Airline attendants when boarding a plane!

Particularly if you are Imagedisabled – Do NOT ask for assistance when boarding a plane!

My sister suffers from a degenerative arthritis and is unable to lift anything higher than her own hips. While waiting for her to board the flight I made the mistake of asking for assistance for her to get her hand luggage on-board. I was shocked and appalled at the response we received. The attendant promptly weighed her bag and informed her it was 3 kilos overweight. She had to take 3 kilos out and carry it on-board in another bag. Even more appalling was the sight of my sister lugging all three bags down the corridor to the plane herself. Assistance what assistance. This is a disgrace and I cannot believe that people can be so inconsiderate and cruel. Virgin airlines has lost a customer today!