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I saw this video on YouTube about a woman using a mobile phone in a 1928 black n white movie. I must say it was quite intriguing seeing her smiling and talking while she was walking through the set. As I read all about the web urban legend of the time traveling phone calls I had a thought or two about it myself. I was not quite convinced it was a hearing aid as I just didn’t feel she was talking to herself. I pondered a few things, googled a few things and then I discovered this!

Manufactured in 1928.

20130212-221523.jpg    Echophone Company

My thoughts on this story are – This is not a time traveler using a mobile phone and a wormhole (sadly) and it is not a crazy old lady talking to herself or trying out her hearing aid by deafening herself. This is a thoroughly modern woman using her latest toy to record her excitement at being an extra in a Charlie Chaplin Movie! A real blogger at heart lol! Hmmm is that Agatha Christie?

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