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20101208ran8484535_024 (Photo credit: Royal Australian Navy)

Sooo sick and tired of hearing the trash about others- one smear campaign after another hoping to find some mud that will stick.

 All I can say is:

Why is it that every successful female politician winds up with the same challenge in the end?

Why do we listen to the crap? Buy the newspapers that print it, turn on the stations that participate? Why do we just accept it as part of the system while our male politicians can lie, humiliate, dodge and manipulate and still be our best mate?

I for one am over it! For god sake get a grip YES we have a female Prime Minster. NO it is not the end of the world. NO she is not the devil. NO she is not going to ruin everything any more than any other Prime Minster has.  So for all our sakes. JUST DEAL WITH IT!