Wonder Woman


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wonder-woman-4Went to see Wonder Woman last week and something has been nagging at me ever since. There was something about it that I just could not put my finger on. As I sat in conversation with a friend about the movie, if finally came to me. The thing that was right there nagging me was that this move was sexist, and anti hero. I know right, I am mad, a movie about a powerful woman, directed by a woman, should be a real treat right?

The opening scene had me puzzled, an armoured vehicle (money symbol) from Wayne enterprises (Rich Man Symbol) ok fair enough they are friends, I guess.  But isn’t this a Wonder Woman movie….  The next thing that niggled at me was her being disarmed in the city. I get the need for more suitable clothing, but what decent superhero allows their weapons to be left in the street with someone else… Who disarms an amazon princess…

As I sat and enjoyed the movie, yes I did enjoy it. It was a subtle subliminal feast that toyed with the mind and seemed to make a statement and then sabotage it. So as I sat enjoying the movie I was drawn into a journey that seems to portray a woman of power and integrity, I really loved the dig at the general’s hiding in their offices as their men died in the fields, we all know there is something wrong with that. A nice statement against war. Yet (Spoiler Alert) just when we see her succeed in saving the village, they are then all killed the following day…. The hero failed???  An epic fail, an entire village dead!!!  (Has this happened to any of the male superhero?? I am sure it has…)

As evil seemed to be intent on ruining my movie, I reminded myself this was just a movie, something that all children should be taught at school. The super fight between good and evil at the end was pretty predictable but cool just the same as the battle of the sexes was highlighted with the god and the goddess fighting for the survival of humanity. Yet that too almost seemed like it was giving us permission to continue to behave badly and fight on to gain more power. Although it was clarified later on that the battle is alway with the self. A nice reminder of personal responsibility thrown in at the end there almost like an afterthought.

I have decided this movie was a weird little flix with a mixed message, which I am sure is a deliberate ploy to trick the mind into submission in anticipation for the next movie, The final credit gave lots of glimpses into what else is come from the movie team and I am looking forward to learning more about this world of superheros that fail so epically all the time. (At least they better or my sexist theory will be proven correct sigh!).  

On a final note in the very last moments of the credits there is that weird video, you know the black and white tv screen with a man’s voice saying something like “Remember when we are in our darkest hour and times are dire we…. Did he say slaughter the innocent????  think I misheard that last bit, at least I hope I did. Good grief this movie has been a real treat….

Divided we Fall!


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My Heart is Your Heart

Listen cant you hear it

Can you hear it now?

Listen can’t you hear it

Listen closely now

Look can’t you see it?

Look closely now

There is a divide

It’s growing

Each side is looming high

Listen can you hear it now

Look closely can you see it now

The growing divide

Listen closely can you hear it

It is growing as we speak

Listen closely can you hear it

Words of terror we speak

Look ahead now

Can you see it?

Can you see the walls that grow?

Look closely now

Can you see it?

Can you see the divide grow?

Listen closely do you hear it

Look closely do you see

Here it comes now

Here it is now

Once again now it’s

Them and Us

Instead of We!

Peaceful People: Day 5 of Season for NonViolence (SNV), Believing

What a great way to focus on bringing peace! It is so nice to see so many new peace focused sites apps, products and projects surfacing right now. Peace is truly on its way and I just can’t wait!

Peaceful People

© 2014 Kebba Buckley Button.  World Rights Reserved.

Now, it is Day 5 of the 64-day annual Season for NonViolence.  This is a time to celebrate everything that works to create peaceful interaction in a sustainable peace for the World.  Today’s theme is BELIEVING.  Today we are invited to believe that we can choose to be peaceful all day, internally, and in any interactions with others.  Truly, peace begins within.  Today, we are invited to believe that we can each make a difference with our small steps for nonviolence.

Here is AGNT’s Day 5 meditation:

DAY 5, Feb. 3: The thought for today is BELIEVING. Author, Wayne Dyer writes about the impact that our beliefs have on our daily lives.  Believe that you have all the resources you need to move your life in the direction of peace, happiness and nonviolence.  Believe that you can be peaceful all day. …

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A divided world


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20131112-124812.jpgPeople judging people all over the place… Burning witches, burning gay people, polluting our oceans, murdering our wildlife, corporations doing stingy business, governments cracking down on people and trying to be the ones with all the control!   Hmmm maybe a global media campaign like the one in the dark ages….  Oh Wait a Minute!

Nothing new is going on – this has always happened…  It the same old DIVIDE AND CONQUER MENTALITY we have always had! The same feeling of despair and vulnerability we have always experienced! WAIT!  So why do we care so much? Why are we so afraid? Why are we embracing the divide and not working together?  Could it be we are just all running away?  or Just trying to fit in at a time when change is happening so rapidly? Or could it be that we just don’t know how to work and live together without judging ourselves or others. So maybe that’s it we just  don’t know how to be at peace. Let’s think about what we do know!



My way and your way are different. You won’t do it my way even when I ask you nicely.  Hmmm Not much it seems ok.

When it comes down to it the only things we really know for sure are:

 We feel everything

 We are not alone

 Everybody is different


If there is a god the we are all created. If there is no god then we all came from each other.

Either way common ground is evident.


If a government is in control they set boundaries. When we set our own rules and make our own choices we set boundaries.

 Again common ground


People make choices.  We choose our jobs, our friends, our products, our lifestyles.  We all want to be free to do so. So your choice is no better or worse than my choice just different.

Common ground!


The solution to the madness that reigns in our world right now…

Healthy boundaries

Walk the path of common ground

  Respect and Tolerance

Treat others the way you want to be treated

As you are the one that will feel it

You are the one who will be living with it

And you DO participate in it by making your choices!

Thank God for Stupidity

I was recently pondering my own stupidity over some of my past choices and of course the stupidity of people in general arose. With the state of our world right now and the dumb choices our governments seem to be making one cannot help but wonder what greater purpose stupidity has. As usual when i finally started to listen once again to my inner guidance an answer arose. If humanity was not so stupid where would we wind up. Imagine a world where people were sensible. Less accidents no war perhaps we would even take the time to nurture ourselves and appreciate the beauty and abundance of the world around us. Of course there would be more of us as we would be sensible enough to avoid the things that kill us. We would probably have to establish colonies all over the universe. Most likely we would have less stars in the sky as we would only mine out the ones too small for colonization and all the space litter like asteroids and such. All that sensible breeding colonizing and perfecting and we would be the dominant species in the universe in no time at all. Think of all the sensible decisions we would have to make like which food stuffs would be the most appropriate, to grow it or create it, which is the best solution to our overpopulation problems immortally or safe sex… The mind boggles at the thought of an ever sensible race of beings making the hard choices for the greater good of all. So as I settle down a little and realize that our stupidity enables the universe to keep its balance and keeps humanity in its place I am naturally led to next thought to ponder. If we really are the children of the gods and we do gain more power and responsibility as we evolve do we also become more stupid?

Plant the seeds


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Tree (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It seems that the warnings have fallen on “Deaf Ears” and our tree population is continuing to fall. Our climate is constantly being talked about but no action taken to make real changes stick therefore perhaps it is time to go back to the beginning of this whole story. Perhaps it is time for us to start doing the only thing that we the ones nobody is listening to, can do and plant a tree and a seed for conservation with our children.


Take the time to plant a tree in your yard with your children tell them the story of how amazing it is to stand under the same tree that your great grandfather climbed in his youth and perhaps even encourage them to place a plaque beside their own tree saying I climbed this tree on this date at this age! If we all make a stand and plant one big tree and few fruit trees in our own yards the whole suburb will benefit, the air quality will improve and the lungs of our planet will survive the onslaught of the 21st Century. If you haven’t got a yard plant a garden on the roof of your apartment block or place a garden on your balcony. Every little bit helps and the more groves we have the better things will be for us all. If you are lucky and have a few hectares of land plant your very own forest and let it be your gift to future generations.


Sometimes the only thing we can do is our little bit. If we all do our little bit it turns into a big bit it won’t stop the greedy business communities ruling our world today but it will plant the seeds for decent caring business owners of the future who may even choose to create even better alternatives than we can currently imagine and bring true change to a world in need of respect and tolerance.



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Lamb_Loin_Chops_smlwill our rent be cheaper if we change our government
will our petrol be cheaper if we change our government
will our food cost less if we change our government


So who cares if our Government changes The people who charge us way too much money for our food petrol and accommodation….
I see a growing divide in Australia it makes me sad to think that we will be where America is now just because of greedy business tatics. I hope I am wrong. 😪

I hope the Australian people find a way to live without paying an arm and a leg for our lifestyle I think its time we started innovating to find ways to cut our living expenses I for one am looking for some new ways of living. I eat less food, organic and fresh. I walk places instead of driving if I can and I visit friends or walk in nature instead of shopping dining or movies every weekend like I used to.

Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

No More Nuclear War Korea!


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We can all see trouble brewing in the Korea regions and I for one am sick of governments ignoring their people and making their people suffer for their own ineptitude. I think it is time to stand up and say no.

This is what Korea has in store for its own people.


This is what Korea has in store for its own cities


This is what Korea is threatening for others. How do you think both regions of Korea would respond if the people not the governments but the people of the rest of the world stood up and demanded that they used better solutions to their issues. Their wars can and will damage our planet this time the toys are too big!

If we stand up and say NO if we stand up and tell them to stop killing their own just to prove a point.

The real reason for war is what money, greed, stupidity. I ask the Korean people to take control of their leaders. Demand they step down or they change their polices. Demand their respect now before you wind up like the people in Japan and the Ukraine suffering deformities, poverty and grief. Know that the rest of the world will stand up with you if you do! Do it now SAY NO to Kim Jong-Un!

Support the call for peace that is coming from the people of Korea join their voice and say SAY NO to Kim Jong-Un!


The Block 2013


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The Block - footer

I have had time to ponder and reflect on the program the Block which has just finished on Channel 9. I love watching renovating programs and seeing the transformations that take place, however this time it was the most stressful television experience I have had in years. The amount of rushing and stressing that these people did I would not be surprised if one of the houses fell down lol…

The Block All Stars

It was nice to see them get some financial reward at the end. It was also interesting to see some of the contestants squirm and struggle with their own conscience surrounding their decision to use dirty tactics to win. It is funny how under pressure we will do things that we would not normally consider doing. You could see this was the case for at least three of the four contestants… Lead astray by someone a little stronger and more focused on winning than thinking. Once the deed was done the emotional responses kicked in and squirm they did.

It is also interesting to note that in essence they knew it was wrong, and how they felt afterwards proved it. Perhaps if we learn to acknowledge how we feel about things before we act on them we would all feel a little less stressed and whole lot happier.

Will I watch the next one – probably not. I am stressed enough already lol!!!

Jesus is

JesusI was door knocked yesterday by the good old Jehovah’s Witnesses and as usual nodded politely for a few minutes accepted their propaganda literature and learned that they door knock because that is just what Jesus did. I smiled at that thought and then started to ponder poor old Jesus dying on the cross for everyone’s sins.

Then i had a thought, I was thinking about the symbolism used on their flyer and the role Jesus has in the lives of so many. When really true or not the role is one that we all aspire to, standing up to that which is wrong or unjust and following what we feel is right on the inside. It seems that Jesus really is the son of god and so too are the rest of us.

JesusCruzPerhaps more disturbing is the message his imagery sends, that to do so leads to death and to conform is rewarded with eternal bliss… I pondered some more and decided that there is no role model here just a warning … a warning to all, to suffer in silence and obey.

Then I had another thought, perhaps the real message is stand together or fall. You can all work together and win or you can betray your true feelings and leave someone else to take the fall…. hmmm so many analogies in one little story.

Maybe the truth is Jesus was just another person, like the many others that have died in an attempt to defy large corporations and political systems to find his place in a world to busy to take notice of its own.

Perhaps it is time for humanity to accept that we have feelings that define what is right and what is wrong and when we learn to honor them we walk in peace. I for one have found more comfort from others than from religion and I believe community is the only solution to the challenges we face.